When i hear the word comfort, i think of comfort food, i think of warm quilts and porch swings. These are ideal components of an ideal life.

it is not a word i think of applied to me.

i wrap my children in blankets and bring them warm tea when they are ill, or when they are sad. i remind them of the love of God. i hope that they take comfort in knowing that He created them, especially, particularly to be exactly who they are.

i try to remember He did the same for me.

i clean the house and cook the food and clear the table so that my husband has a place to sit and relax after work. i ask him about his day, or let him sit in silence as he unwinds from all the noise.

sometimes the silence is very loud.

i take comfort in knowing that God can make pearls from grains of sand.

God can use the ocean to turn trash into sea glass.

someday, He will rub off all my jagged edges and make something beautiful out of me. He will take away all that is awkward and painful and insufficient and bring peace and love and comfort.

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